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Escort in London

Although you are paying an escort to see to your happiness, it is also important to make sure that you keep her happy. Yes, it is her job to make sure you have a great experience either way, but when you do right by her, she will be far more likely to go the extra mile for you.

The most important thing is respect. If you treat her like all she is to you is a paid whore, you’re setting things up for a less-than-spectacular experience. Treat her like a lady!

Don’t be gross. This one is pretty important. Practice good hygiene and don’t act like a sleaze. If your naked hard-on greets her at the door, she is likely to turn right back around and leave. If you haven’t showered and smell like a hamper full of dirty gym socks, she won’t be that into close encounters.

Condoms are not up for debate. If an escort insists you wear a condom, you had better listen to her or you may not get to take things any further. She is allowed to say no and she has to keep herself and her other clients protected.

Tip and compliment. Escorts love tips and if you call her agency to compliment her performance afterward, you help her get better placement. She’s likely to show you how much she appreciates it on your next encounter.

Now that you know how to keep an escort happy, it is time to meet one! Book Top London Escorts today!

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