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I really want to set something straight, maybe once and for all people will learn that you should never do this with an escort. Recently I’ve been hearing about a disturbing trend with guys either asking to film their escorts, or doing it without their knowledge. Like it or not you can’t film an escort and even if you ask them I’m 100% sure none of them are going to say yes.

It all really comes down to respect, would you like to go out and meet a girl and have her film you in a compromising position without your knowledge?  Of course you wouldn’t! Not only is it wrong but it’s going to land you in all sorts of trouble. Once an escort learns that you’re doing this the chances of you ever being able to book a local escort again are going to be slim at best. So before you have to ask can you film your date with an escort? the short and 100% correct answer is always going to be a no!

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