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Do you know why most relationships fail? I know I do. I’ve been putting some deep thought into this very subject, and not because I was just dumped by my girl a few short days ago. Most relationships don’t come to an end with cheating, I think they fail simply because we can’t admit to anyone what we really want. Now while you might not be able to do that with someone you love, doing it with a professional escort is actually easy. You pay them for a service as such you have every right to be whoever you want and tell them anything you desire.

The escort in cologne that I am meeting tonight is called Patricia, I found out she is only a new Escort Cologne as such I’m sure this night is going to end with more than just a deep tissue massage. Having her sent directly to my hotel room is just pure bliss, I might just order room service and we can spend the entire night in my room if you catch my drift!.

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