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I’ve always tried my best to always put my best foot forward. I find if you want something badly enough you’ll do almost anything to get it. Be it a nice looking car, or a girl that makes all of your friends 100% jealous. Life is hard, make no mistake about that. Once you’ve discovered all the pleasures that you can get from life, maybe it will give you that much needed spark, the spark that shows you why you should always be putting yourself and your desires first.

There are a few shortcuts so to speak. If you know exactly where to find the hottest escorts in London you sure are off to a good start. I have a few buddies of mine that always seem to have the sexiest looking girlfriends. They love showing them off when we go out on dinner dates, it’s like "look at my girl she is hot and will never be yours". I’d call it a slap in the face if I didn’t have my own totally gorgeous girl to call my own.

Getting an escort for that very important dinner date is easier than you might think. Don’t for a second think that all those men with those totally flawless looking girlfriends are not doing the same. Nine times out of then those men are using local escorts around the London area to make them look good and it’s about time that you got a just a little slice of the action. I think you deserve to be the one that gets noticed. For just once you need to be that guy that everyone is looking at in the room. Make it happen and trust me you’ll never go back to being that boring guy that is always jealous of everyone else, you will be the man and that’s all that matters!

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We all have to make decisions in our life and some of them might not be the ones that we’d like to make. I know from my own personal experience that I’ve had to do several different jobs not because I wanted to, but I didn’t have a choice. Lets be honest money makes the world turn and if you haven’t got it you really don’t have much of a life to enjoy. Believe it or not but changing that to suite you is easier than you might think.

As of late there has been a real trend for men to know how to become a male escort. Right now there is a large amount of gorgeous women looking for “real” men to take them on dates, see a movie, be at a social gathering and more. Both men and women crave companionship, maybe women do more and men are just looking for the good parts that come with it. Be that as it may there is no reason that you should be missing out on your slice of the pie. If you look at things with an open mind you’ll start to realize that this is where your true calling is. You’ve always been good with females and knowing what they want, so put that to the test and show us how happy you could be.

If you have a passion for meeting interesting people and don’t mind making some extra cash this might be just the thing for you. I’ve always been a believer in when you find something that works you sure do make the moment count. If you impress the girls enough word is going to spread like wildfire about how good you are. You will get repeat bookings and being an escort you’ll know that’s where the real action is.

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When you’re an escort your reputation is one of the highest things that you care about. If you have a bad one men are not going to waste their time or effort in seeing you. You can always tell a good escort by how busy she is, these girls are in high demand and for good reason. Getting access to such desirable women isn’t as easy as you’d think it was.

I tend to have a secret weapon though, and guess what? I’m going to share it with you guys. For the most direct and no nonsense way of being with Escort Frankfurt girls all it takes is a simple click on your mouse and in no time at all you’ll be checking out some of the sexiest looking girls on the planet.

Now you’ve got to remember that these girls lead quite a busy lifestyle, they might not be available right when you want them, just remember that anytime that you can be with them is time well spent. I can’t wait to hear all about you guys having sexy OWO with any of the gorgeous girls that are ready for you now, it’s going to make my day complete!

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I really want to set something straight, maybe once and for all people will learn that you should never do this with an escort. Recently I’ve been hearing about a disturbing trend with guys either asking to film their escorts, or doing it without their knowledge. Like it or not you can’t film an escort and even if you ask them I’m 100% sure none of them are going to say yes.

It all really comes down to respect, would you like to go out and meet a girl and have her film you in a compromising position without your knowledge?  Of course you wouldn’t! Not only is it wrong but it’s going to land you in all sorts of trouble. Once an escort learns that you’re doing this the chances of you ever being able to book a local escort again are going to be slim at best. So before you have to ask can you film your date with an escort? the short and 100% correct answer is always going to be a no!

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I know most of us have had a massage at one time or another, but I bet not many of you have enjoyed a prostate massage? If your one of the many that haven’t wow are you missing out. There are many erotic ways a girl can massage you, I’m yet to find one as sensual as a prostate massage. The intimacy involved is enormous not to mention the pleasure.

Now finding a girl that knows the art of a prostate massage London can be a hard thing, that’s why we’re showing you the best place to get that tantric feeling from. Now of course you can’t massage the prostate directly, a knowledgeable girl can still give you the closest thing to a direct prostate massage. Forget about getting a full bodied massage try this and I can say with certainty that you’ll be back for more. That pleasurable feeling can be immense and it’s why I’ve become somewhat addicted to finding the best London prostate massage girl, she is out there somewhere and I won’t stop looking until I find her!

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Escort in London

Although you are paying an escort to see to your happiness, it is also important to make sure that you keep her happy. Yes, it is her job to make sure you have a great experience either way, but when you do right by her, she will be far more likely to go the extra mile for you.

The most important thing is respect. If you treat her like all she is to you is a paid whore, you’re setting things up for a less-than-spectacular experience. Treat her like a lady!

Don’t be gross. This one is pretty important. Practice good hygiene and don’t act like a sleaze. If your naked hard-on greets her at the door, she is likely to turn right back around and leave. If you haven’t showered and smell like a hamper full of dirty gym socks, she won’t be that into close encounters.

Condoms are not up for debate. If an escort insists you wear a condom, you had better listen to her or you may not get to take things any further. She is allowed to say no and she has to keep herself and her other clients protected.

Tip and compliment. Escorts love tips and if you call her agency to compliment her performance afterward, you help her get better placement. She’s likely to show you how much she appreciates it on your next encounter.

Now that you know how to keep an escort happy, it is time to meet one! Book Top London Escorts today!

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Maddy Girls London Escorts

Girls London Escorts has an excellent selection of women who are happy to be your companion whenever you visit London. They all deserve special mention and can be viewed along with details and rates on the site: For the sake of this post, however, we will focus on the attractive qualities of raven-haired escort, Maddy.

Maddy is a 26-year-old European with hazel eyes and an extremely hot body. The professional date speaks English and is pleased to converse with you, but her 5’6″ 34D body is the sort that is meant to provide pleasure of both the visual and physical kind. Maddy’s body language says far more to a man than words ever could. This is a woman who enjoys getting dolled up, wearing makeup, and strutting through a room in sexy high heels. She would be a great girl to accompany you to an event where you could show her off, but she is even better to stay the night in your room with.

Check out Maddy and more of the best Fitzrovia escorts now and start planning your next trip.

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